XXL Prints

XXL – Large format prints.

Many of the images at 23PINE are available as XXL prints, you can always email privatesales@23pine.com, and talk to one of our curators to discuss and we’ll send you more suggestions and ideas. The production of a XXL print is a complicated and true analog process that takes 4-6 weeks. Everything is made at the highest quality.

Lasse & Janne Trädgårdh

Master Printers

Our photographic master printers (Lasse and Janne Trädgårdh at Förstoringsateljen in Stockholm) has been doing high quality prints to museums, artists etc since 1972. (Or actually 1968, or was it 1948…) They just work with the best and the most picky ones to be honest. We are so proud to be on their list and have the pleasure to work with this two gentlemen.