Marc Kronig

Marc Kronig is a photographer based in Zermatt, Switzerland. His work consists of beautiful nature photographs. Since Marc is based in Zermatt, the Matterhorn, which is the famous mountain on the border between Switzerland and Italy, is a natural object. In 2015, to celebrate the anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, Marc began photographing the mountain daily for 150 days. "Whether the weather was nice or not, my lens looked every day towards the Matterhorn." The project resulted in a series of images showing the majestic mountain from all its angles. "The Matterhorn has shown me 150 faces, one time its face is mystical, the other clear and bright, the next day majestic."
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  1. Matterhorn #3
    Matterhorn #3 Marc Kronig 50x70cm
    • Limited Edition
    • Fine Paper Print
  2. Matterhorn #4
    Matterhorn #4 Marc Kronig 40x50cm
    • Limited Edition
    • Fine Paper Print