Daniel Månsson

Daniel Månsson is a lifestyle photographer, originally from Sweden but nowadays based out of Southern California. Daniel is known for his strength in utilizing light to define objects and tell stories. Often with only one roll of film at a time, 36 frames to be exposed. With analog film you only get one chance per wave – but for Daniel that is all he needs.
It is mainly the feeling he wants to communicate with his images, the feeling of freedom when paddling out to catch waves, the quietness when you are surrounded by small waves while waiting for the right one or the excitement when the surfer is spitted out of a big wave.
Daniel has had a solo exhibitions both in Sweden and USA. He has been awarded with a scholarship from Hasselblad Foundation for his project about waves and from the Swedish Authors Association in 2006, 2008 and 2013. 2017 he was one of the winners in PDN Photo Annual. Daniel has published four books about surfing and skateboarding, that has been written about in internationally. He works with international magazines like The Economist and Vanity Fair, as well as with commercial clients.

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  1. The Line
    The Line Daniel Månsson 30x40cm
    • Limited Edition
    • Fine Paper Print