Christophe Kutner

Born in the south of France, Christophe Kutner began his career assisting the legendary photographer Horst P. Horst. Christophe has since collaborated with the most well-known fashion magazines in the world, and created numerous images for advertising campaigns, always with his particular light and eye for the frozen moment. His last years were dedicated to an extended documentary project, the “State of the United States”. Christophe traveled around the U.S., finding beauty in places where others often don’t: stark landscapes, decrepit buildings and weathered homes. After a brave and extended fight, Christophe Kutner died on October 29, 2016 from cancer. The team at 23PINE is extremely proud and honored to show and share Christophe’s amazing fashion, documentary and landscape photography. Christophe was a friend of Jörgen Ringstrand, one of the founders of 23PINE, who has gone through the massive work of Christophe’s and made his very personal selects.
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