August Eriksson

August Eriksson is a Swedish photographer and co-founder of Skreid Publishing, an independent publishing house, specializing in art photography. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from The University of Photography and Film in Gothenburg, Eriksson was primarily focused on art, but soon realized he also appreciated faster and shorter assignments. He has since then continued to mix his own personal projects with editorial work as well as advertising, where he specializes and excels in still life fashion photography. With his second book ‘The Walk’, a reflection over a Buddhist hiking trail in Japan, Eriksson brings his photography further into reduction and the images are suggestive and meditative. “In ‘The Walk’ I use the walk as a method of telling a place. Walking is a perfect way for me to create a meaningful relationship with the world”, says Eriksson. The book was named one of the best art books of the year in Svenska Dagbladet and one of 2016’s best photography books by Elizabeth Avedon.
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