Our Prints

The images we present at 23PINE are a result of a long process involving our curators, our Creative Director and the photographers. Images that has a high artistic level, and are results of many hours and thoughts by the artists.
All the photographers represented by 23PINE has a long career as photographers and artists and are today working on many different projects, and we are proud to have the possibility to have a close and progressive working relationship with the photographers. Together we have a mission to be able to present high quality work to different levels of prices. 


Fine Paper Prints

- analog printing at its best

Our Fine Paper Prints are printed in an 8-color high tech offset printing press. The press uses UV-lightning to dry the color quicker, which gives the printer the possibility to use more color when printing, as the UV-Led dries the color instantly. This give the image a more vivid look and also a deeper black, and the black and white images gets a very neutral look. This printing technique can not be compared in any way with digital printing, this is a pure analog process.
To make sure that the print remains its great quality, we ship it in a flat package whether you order it with a frame or not.


Black and White Fine Paper Prints

We also print our black and white images in 4-color to get a deeper black and white image – making the image look 3-dimensional. For some special edition print we also use a duplex printing technique – using black color and a PMS grey tone, to get a grayscale that is the most impressive you can get in offset printing. We also work with a triplex printing method using black + 2 PMS gray colors. As we print in an 8-color offset press we can print using 4-colors + 4 PMS colors – this technique we use when the artist wants to create a special visual effect.



We use two types of paper for our Fine Paper Prints, both made by our paper mill in Sweden. For our 50x70 cm prints, we use a 300 gsm thick rough paper and on our smaller prints we use a 170 gsm thick rough paper. This gives the print a feeling of a lithograph, with a very soft tactile feeling when you hold the paper in your hands.
All our paper is of course, both FSC™ and PEFC certified. Which means that our paper comes from a forest that’s sustainable and well managed.



Our wooden frames are made in Sweden with real glass and acid-free back cover. The glass is 45% UV-protective to minimize reflections and protect the print. We use a back cover that is acid free to make sure that the paper is not damaged over time. Our frames are 33 mm thick and has brackets on the back to make it easy for you to mount the image.



We always include a passe-partout with our frames, to make sure that the image looks as good as possible. The passe-partout is 1,8mm thick and also acid free, of course.
The passe-partout is either white, black or black with a white core depending on what the photographer and the Creative Director of 23PINE decides.



We print each motive in one size as a Fine Paper Print. The available sizes are 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm and 50x70 cm. The size is decided by the photographer in collaboration with the Creative Director of 23PINE. If the photographer and the Creative Director of 23PINE chose to add a white border around the photo, the image is centralized with either an optical centre or by the golden ratio. Which means that there will be slightly more space below the image than above. This is a proven technique to make sure that the image won’t look like it will fall out of the paper.

Our Master printer looks after every print session we have, and the head of printing has been working as a printer for more than 25 years, mostly printing high quality photographic and art books. The Creative Director of 23PINE signs every test print before the real printing starts.


Collectors Editions

Our Collectors Editions is something special. We work with a lab that for over 30 years has been working with the most demanding artists and museums, and has a history from the analog world going into the digital, using the best of them two. The glass and frames we use are of Museum Quality, which is the highest standard you can get.


Cibacrome Prints

Our C-prints (cibacrome) are made in a Lightjet printer, which gives us the best quality and highest resolution that for an image to be displayed. Our prints are made on both glossy and matte paper, and sometimes on a luster paper – depending on what the Creative Director of 23PINE and the photographer decides.


Silver Gelatin Prints

Our black and white Collectors Editions are made in the traditional way, but in a modern way. Silver Gelatin fiber paper are being exposed by light and developed in a wet process. The prints are made on fiber paper, a thicker traditional paper that must be dried after being developed in dry, to be flat. This is the same quality and technique that has been used over the years for fine art photography – but now also adding a modern dimension to it.


Inkjet prints

We also do some of our Collectors Editions prints as inkjet prints, sometimes also called gicleé prints. Then we can print on a very thick or very thin paper, and also a paper with texture. The prints are mostly used creating litographs for art, but we think photographs also looks amazing in this way.