Daniel Månsson

  • 50x70cm
  • Fine Paper Print
Maui by Daniel Månsson.
Daniel Månsson: "This was Clay Marzo’s backyard at home in Maui. It was not a particularly big day, just some small fun waves. My friend Hagen and Clay paddled out. I watched the action from the shore for a while to decide where to swim out.

After I located the spot where the action was going down, I strapped on my fins and dove into the ocean. I swam out. Warm, nice Hawaiian water wrapped around me. Clay passed me by close, so close I could feel his fins touching my legs. I guess I had gotten a little too close. The waves were barely barreling that day.

Clay got out back and went straight to the next wave. He effortlessly dropped into the wave, barley paddling. I was swimming hard to get in the right position. I could see the waves starting to build up and there he was, Clay trying to squeeze himself into a very small barrel a couple of feet in front of me - everything happened in a split second. I dove down into the crystal-clear water, the reef passing below me, popping up on the other side of the wave just in time to see the tip of Clay’s board while he was heading for the next turn."
Product Information
- Printed on a 300 gsm thick rough uncoated paper, both FSC™ and PEFC certified.
- The optional black frame is made in Sweden, it's mounted with real glass and comes with an acid-free back cover. The glass has an UV protection that protects the photograph from harmful UV rays.
- With the frame, an off-white 1.8 mm thick acid free passe-partout is included. The brackets on the back of the frame makes it easy for you to mount the image.
- You have the option to order the print framed and sealed. Which means that we will frame the print for you and seal it with an acid free tape on the back. Which protects the print from dust & dirt.