The forms of nature & people

Things can be found everywhere. Biological things like stones, shells and algae on the beach or cones and bark from the woods. But also litter like paper, magazines, caps and other things in the cities. Those things caught Martin Vallins eye and inspired him to use them in this series of images, a still life series we call Findings. In these images Martin deconstructs the traditional division between nature and culture. It’s an organic dialogue about the relationship between people and nature. In classic still life compositions, litter from people are brought together with biological elements from nature. Tissues from Manchester’s back streets, findings from nature at empty beaches in Torö and Montauk, traces from New York's parks, Paris and Stockholm. In these images, they all form beautiful and interesting shapes together.
– ”I am interested in the forms people forces nature into, at the same time as the way we organize and compose has its real origin from there. It turns into an organic cycle. But from which direction is the impact strongest? Perhaps, as the philosopher Whitehead discussed, we are not strictly divided into subject and object, but rather an ever-changing combination, which influences each other and together creates new forms.”

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