Sandoy Cabin

Lars Schneider

  • 50x70cm
  • Fine Paper Print
Sandoy Cabin by Lars Schneider.
The roofs of many houses, cabins and even bigger buildings on the Faroe Islands are covered with grass. This has been a long tradition. While the roofs are bright green during the summer just like all the islands, in winter, they change their appearance and fit in perfectly with their surroundings and become more grey and brown. Island of Sandoy. Faroes.
This image is part of the series Faroe Islands.
Product Information
- Printed on a 300 gsm thick rough uncoated paper, both FSC™ and PEFC certified.
- The optional black frame is made in Sweden, it's mounted with real glass and comes with an acid-free back cover. The glass has an UV protection that protects the photograph from harmful UV rays.
- You have the option to order the print framed and sealed. Which means that we will frame the print for you and seal it with an acid free tape on the back. Which protects the print from dust & dirt.