Time to renew your office?

Images with valuable content create atmosphere and well-being. Images where the frame has solid wood, where a real glass protects the image from dust and dirt. And where the image behind the glass is produced in an analog, artisanal way that allows the image to survive generations. The acid-free matte finish and the taped back make the whole image breath quality - just like your company, hotel, restaurant etc.
At 23PINE, we have many years of experience in decorating homes, businesses and public spaces. As visual consultants, we have helped many companies create environments that reflect the values their company, or create the right atmosphere that the hotel wants in the lobby or the rooms.
We take care of the selecting the images, which we present to you when you order Limited Editions and XXL Prints, we take care of the production and we take care of the hanging of the pictures. We would like to be your visual partner when you start your next project, or be involved before the project starts. Pictures create moods and emotions - and we are experts in Visual Decoration.
If you have any questions, please send us an email at contact@23pine.com