Lars Nittve & Jörgen Ringsrand

Lars Nittve & Jörgen Ringstrand


23PINE was founded out of passion for photography by Jörgen Ringstrand, Stefan Engström (Peak Performance, J.Lindeberg, Stellar Equipment) and Karin Holmer with a long experience from the fashion world, latest from Filippa K.

The idea was born on the 23rd floor at Stefan, Karin and Jörgens shared apartment on Pine Street in New York, and they gave the project the working title 23PINE, a name they later decided to keep. Their shared interest in photography gave them the idea to start their own online gallery, which was available for everyone in price and always with the highest possible quality with photographs that inspire.

Lars Nittve joined the team, and with Lars came experience from the art world, as a director of Modern Museum in Stockholm, Tate Modern in London, Louisiana in Copenhagen – and M+ in Hong Kong.

Since the launch in May 2019 the team has grown and is today a full service online gallery that serves both private homes, private collectors, hotels and restaurants with high quality prints – always with the highest quality and unique motifs.

The images we present are the result of a long process that involves both our curators, our Creative Director Jörgen Ringstrand, Lars Nittve and the photographers. Photograps that are a result of many hours of work and thought by the photographer. All photographers that we represent at 23PINE has a long career as photographers and are today working on many projects.

If you want to know more about 23PINE send us an e-mail at, and we will send you a pdf were we introduce ourselves and our photographers.

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